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Frequently Asked Questions

投资物业 公司 deals in land sales in the San Antonio metropolitan area. We have decades of experience in the identification of the most suitable tracts and locations for our clients who want to buy, invest and develop commercial land. Our services include aiding clients in finding land suitable for their needs, whether that be for single-family subdivision development, 公寓, office buildings retail centers, 零售场地, 工业园区, 房车公园, or recreational ranches. For further details, you can contact (210) 828-9261.

是的, the City of San Antonio has a detailed zoning code, which can be found online at the City’s website at http://www.sanantonio.gov/DSD/Boards/Zoning

A few factors you should consider while choosing a commercial property for a well-informed decision are as follows: 

  • 地点: Factors such as proximity to your target, accessibility for customers and employees, 可见性, and overall desirability and reputation of the area. 
  • 空间和布局: Considering components such as the amount of space required for operations, 存储, 客户领域, and future expansion possibilities. 
  • 可访问性 and parking: Determining if there is good street accessibility and that there are adequate parking facilities is crucial as it influences customer satisfaction and ease of doing business. 
  • Cost and financing considerations: Considering not only the upfront cost but ongoing expenses such as property taxes, 保险, 公用事业公司, and maintenance costs. 

It is possible to lease commercial property for short-term or temporary use in San Antonio. Many landlords and property owners offer flexible lease terms to accommodate businesses with temporary or seasonal needs. A few options that can be considered are: 

  • 短期租赁: These leases typically have durations ranging from 3 months to a year. These are most suitable for businesses that have temporary operations, 弹出式商店, or seasonal businesses. 
  • 联合办公空间: They provide space for shared work areas, amenities, and services on a membership basis. They are ideal for freelancers, startups, and small businesses. Other options are retail or event spaces and pop-up markets. It is advisable to connect with local real estate agents for the same.

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